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Projects & Software

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Projects & Software #

On this page you will find an (incomplete) list of projects & software I work on or contribute to:

  • go-mail: Easy to use, yet comprehensive library for sending mails with Go
  • go-mail-middleware: Middleware for the go-mail library
  • apg-go: A “Automated Password Generator”-clone written in Go
  • go-hibp: Go bindings to the HIBP API
  • js-mailer: A form mailer web service for JavaScript-based websites
  • go-parsesyslog: Go library to parse syslog messages
  • Arrgo: Sea of Thives themed Discord bot
  • postfix-policy-server: A go package for writing postfix policy servers
  • go-fileperm: Check file permissions in Go
  • go-pf: FreeBSD pf (packet filter) wrapper written in Go
  • sotbot-rat-extension: Browser Extension for Arrgo RAT cookie extraction
  • Easyily share a note - quick, secure, anonymous