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Blog resurrection

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Looks like I’ve been very lazy about writing for the last year. So I think it’s time to revive this thing again. I have admittedly tried other blog solutions like or Medium in between, but they are also rather unsatisfactory.

That’s why I spent the last few evenings getting this thing up to scratch. First of all, I replaced the Jekyll installation of my old blog with Hugo. Hugo is just so much more pleasant to work with. Just the whole gem crap with Ruby, every time there were any OS updates. Hugo is also much easier for me to extend, as I’m fluent in Go but have only a rudimentary knowledge of Ruby.

Next, I chose a nice theme. Hugo offers a large number of free themes and the module mechanism is simply great. “Congo” has become my theme of choice. Very minimalistic but still very flexible and expandable. I integrated the whole thing with GitHub Actions, so that a GH Action is started with every commit, which automatically builds the Hugo sources and then uploads them to my server via SFTP.

All in all, the whole thing looks really fresh and it’s super pleasant to work with. I hope this will motivate me to write more here again. I think the whole Twitter thing with Elmo Musk will certainly contribute to that. We will see…

Anyway, I hope you like the new design.