Winni's landfill

About this page / FAQ

Who are you?

I am Winni. I blog here. Nice to meet you.

C’mon. A little more details about you

I consider myself a nerd. I work in the InfoSec industry and I (for whatever weird reason) enjoy working with computers. Sometimes I even enjoy programming/scripting. My main go-to languages are: Perl, TypeScript/JS, Node.js, C++. I also enjoy listening to music and collecting records - I sometimes even try to play/create my own music. The results are not great, but I enjoy the process of doing so. Playing with and building small electronics also help me relax.

What is this?

I’d call it an experiment, if I am still finding the will to actively blog. Basically this page is a braindump for every shit that just comes to my mind. Topics may vary, content may vary.

Why don’t you have a GDPR banner?

It’s not needed. Check the data privacy statement on the imprint page for details.

Why can’t I comment?

Let’s be honest here. Comments suck. They are mostly SPAM, so you need anti-SPAM stuff, they track the shit out of your browser and the owner of a page has to closely monitor and moderate/filter them - as required by the German law. To me that’s a waste of time. Therefore, if you find a mistake or have a comment - ping me on twitter, keybase or mail.