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My journey of finding a proper notes app

When working from home, I often find myself quickly opening a Notepad window to take notes and then save them on the desktop. Of course, once I switch devices, the note is not present on that device. Also having numerous “New textfile.txt”, “New textfile (1).txt”, “New textfile (2).txt” files on your desktop is not realy helping to organize your thoughts, not to mention the possibility to search and find things. So I set myself of to search for a good, easy but yet powerful program to take and organize those notes.

read more - A "Automated Password Generator" clone

APG (short for “Automated Password Generator”) is a little tool that I’ve been using for decades now, to generate secure and random passwords on my UNIX systems (i. e. in scripts or stuff like that). Unfortunately APG hasn’t been maintained since 2003 and more and more Unix distributions are abondoning the tool. So I was looking for an alternative. FreeBSD’s “pkg” recommends “security/makepasswd”, which is a password generator tool written in Perl but requires a lot of dependency packages and doesn’t offer the feature-set/flexibility of APG.

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websiteBench - A website performance monitoring tool

As most of you know, I am a bit obsessed with collecting data in my InfluxDB, so that I can visualize it in Chronograf or Grafana - an I am already collecting lots of data… But one thing that I was missing was a way to easily measure the performance of a website and visualize it accordingly (without having to pay lots of gold nuggets for tools like Pingdom).

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Running via Docker

Some days ago I retired an old server of mine. Besides others, it was also running my service, which I had to migrate to another server.

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Archive of old articles

I’ve also decided to import some old articles from previous blogs, in case I found them valuable. You will be able to find all posts in the archive. Every post earlier than 2020-12-06 is basically imported from an previous blog of mine.

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Yet another blog

Here we are again… yet another blog. Why, oh why?! To be honest, I am not sure, neither.

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On Friday I wanted to send access data to a customer. Since I only had an email address and a cell phone number (including WhatsApp contact), I was faced with the problem of how to securely send the access data to the customer.

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